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The quantitative research for this report took place over two phases between 26 May and 13 September 2022.

We received a total of 1,796 responses from participants with a detailed understanding of the drivers of organisational performance and responsiveness. Respondents were incentivised to take part by a charity donation pledge – Global Government Forum (GGF)
has donated £7,179 to UNICEF as a result.

Respondents completed an online self-assessment questionnaire of 45 statements and four overarching declarations. Some statements were repeated from the previous survey to allow a like-for-like comparison. Statements were grouped into the following categories:

  • Overall responsiveness
  • People and leadership
  • Digital, data, and technology
  • Policy design and service delivery
  • Uncertainty and volatility.

Respondents to the survey were grouped into leaders, managers, and non-managers. For the purposes of this report, ‘leaders’ are broadly equivalent to the UK’s Senior Civil Service (SCS), encompassing the top five government grades by seniority. ‘Managers’ include mid-tier managers, as well as senior managers reporting directly to a head or director of a departmental unit. ‘Non-management’ includes senior advisors, analysts, science and engineering professionals, inspectors, examiners, policy officers, case managers, and specialist and technical staff.

The results of the survey were augmented with qualitative insights from subject matter experts to inform the development of the five priorities.

Thank you to all of the civil servants who took part in the survey.

We will begin to gather data for the 2024 Responsive Government Index in May 2023. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to take part.

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Research Director: Chris Punch
Senior Research Executive: Kate Onslow
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Graphs: Jane Davey

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Full survey tables and further information can be found at rgs.globalgovernmentforum.com

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